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jayne southgate

Jayne Southgate

HR Specialist

With a rich background in Management within the UK and a solid 14 years of combined expertise in Business Management and Health Care in Australia, Jayne stands as a driving force behind Prana Advisory.


Prashant Nand

Founder / Financial Specialist

As the Founder and CEO of Prana Advisory, Prashant Nand plays a pivotal role in shaping the organisation’s success and reputation.

victor tavitian

Victor Tavitian

Brand Strategist | Creative Director

Having over 12 years in business management, tendering, and brand strategy, Victor is one of the driving forces of Prana Advisory.

jess tran

Jess Tran Tavitian

Designer | Creative Direction

Having over 10 years in the Creative and Advertising industry, Jess is one of the driving forces behind Prana Advisory.