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ClientHanh HaYear2023ServiceArt Direction, Brandding, LogoShare

Elegance, Sophistication, High attention to detail – these are the key elements of Marquise clothing. This is reflected through the making of our branding.

Established in December 2020, the brand name Marquise – in French – means Marquis, a noble woman, an aristocrat.


The Marquise girl is brought up in a well-off family, they were all highly educated and have good taste. Therefore, they always exude a natural elegance and charisma. They love the minimalist style, the gentle neutral colours by which they’re recognized at first glance.

The persona of the Marquise girl is the inspiration for us to create the brand’s signature outfit. Unique lines, neat and fresh. High quality materials are carefully selected. The hugging shape accentuates the smooth curves of the body. We understand that bringing high quality products is also a way to celebrate the wonderful beauty of the half of the world.
The name Marquise Diamonds, full of love and respect, was born as a tribute to our customers – women who understand their own hidden value and are confident in displaying it in the most delicate way.


This colour palette is a visual expression of the Marquise brand personality and vibe – the Chardonnay colour evoking associations of champagne, late afternoon sun, sand, skin tone – paired with a darker edgy tone of black – Woodsmoke, all together creating a visual contrast distinctive to Marquise.

Use in correct proportion with secondary colours and the base colours for all Marquise materials – posters, flyers, banners, lookbook etc to maintain consistency and contrast.


Modern & classy with strong visual highlights. Luxury and tactile.